3 Steps Security Personnel Should Take When Greeting Visitors in a Workplace

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If you manage a workplace that is closed to members of the public, you may wish to hire a small team of security officers to ensure that those who visit are actually supposed to be there. You can't count on your ordinary employees being proactive in this role, but trained security guards are highly adept at restricting access to your physical location. These officers will not only turn away those who shouldn't be visiting, but will also take a series of steps when appropriate visitors attend the location. Here are some steps that your officers should take.

1. Checking Why the Person Is There

When you have a security officer stationed near the front door of your building and someone arrives, the officer's first priority should be to check why the visitor is there. Have the officer ask the visitor his or her name, show a piece of photo ID, and then explain the reason for the visit. In many cases, visitors will be arriving at your place of work to speak to a certain employee. The security guard's next priority should be to contact the employee in question and confirm that he or she is expecting the visitor.

2. Signing In & Out

In order to have a clear understanding of whether there are currently any visitors in the building, the security guard should also sign the person in. A detailed log book will work for this task; the visitor can print and sign his or her name in the book, or the security guard can do it himself or herself. The guard should also instruct to visitor to stop at the security desk before leaving. This way, the guard can update the log to indicate that the visitor has left the premises.

3. Informing the Visitor

You should also have your security guard inform each visitor of any applicable rules. For example, the guard may wish to ask if the person arrived by car, and then hand him or her a parking pass that the visitor can place on the vehicle's dashboard. In such a scenario, the guard should remind the visitor to return the pass before leaving.

The guard may also wish to provide some details about the building for the visitor, such as revealing the location of the nearest bathroom and explaining where each of the exits is located. You may have some additional requirements to discuss with your security team, but performing the above steps will be valuable.

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