Shutting Down Your Vacation Home For The Winter? 2 Tips To Keep It Safe

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If you have a vacation home that you are shutting down for the winter, a home sitting for months can spell trouble. Fortunately, you can do many things to ensure your home does not have damage when you open it back up in the spring. Three of these things are listed below so you rest easy this winter knowing your home is being taken care of.

Hire a Home Watch Service

A home watch service can periodically come into the vacation home to check the plumbing. This is important as if the temperature gets below freezing the pipes could freeze and burst. To prevent this from happening, the home watch service will turn on the warm water at several faucets and let it run for a length of time once per day. They will also open the cabinet doors where the kitchen and bathroom pipes are to let heat get to them. If the home watch service notices any kind of problem, such as leaking pipes, they will contact a plumber immediately.

The home watch service will also check the electricity to ensure it is working properly. It is easy to have an electrical file in a home if there are problems with the electrical wiring. They can check each room to ensure the lights work fine. They will turn on all lamps and any other electric device.

The home watch service will check the roof periodically for damage. If there is damage to the roof water may leak into the home, such as into the attic. Once this happens, mold and mildew will grow and the water would eventually damage your ceilings. Ice and snow can wreak havoc on a roof, especially if there are ice dams.

Talk with a home watch service in your area about other services they can offer you.

Install a Security System

Installing a security system can help keep someone from breaking into your vacation home. There are many types of security systems available. One type ties into the local security company. If someone breaks in an alarm will sound and notify the security company. They will then contact the authorities to come to the home. This type of security system is known as a monitored system.

Another type of security system is known as an unmonitored system. With this, the system is not tied into the local security company. Instead, if someone breaks into the home a very loud siren will sound both inside and outside the home. In many cases, this will deter a burglar from entering. Along with the siren, you can also install flashing lights that will go off both inside and outside the home when the burglar breaks in.

You can choose a wireless alarm system. You can purchase this at a home improvement or hardware store. You can likely install this system yourself. You can use things like motion detectors, beams, cameras, and sensors.

Using both the home watch service and installing a security system will give you the best protection. For more information, contact companies like Armstrong 24/7.

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