Holding A Large Business Event? 3 Benefits Of Hiring An Armed Security Guard

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If you are holding a large business event, it is up to you to keep everyone safe while they are attending. To do this, you can hire a security guard. This will allow you to enjoy your event without having to worry about everyone's safety. One thing you have to consider if you want the security guard armed or not. To help you below are three benefits of choosing armed over unarmed.

Has More Training

Armed security guards are not only trained to provide security but also trained in advanced weaponry. They are taught every aspect from how to use the weapons to when they should use them.  This way you can be sure the security guards will not pull their weapon out when they should not and that they will only fire their weapon when it is absolutely needed.

Armed security guards are also trained on how to keep people around them safe while they are shooting their weapon. For example, the guard will quickly tell everyone to get to a safe area before the guard starts firing to prevent anyone from becoming injured.  If the security guard has to fire quickly, they are trained in knowing how to fire with people around them.

Deters Dangerous Criminals

If someone plans to break into your event to harm someone and they see an armed security guard this will likely stop them. If they come up and see a security guard but they are not armed they may go ahead with their plan. The criminal knows the armed security guard has extensive training and will be able to quickly put them down.

An armed security guard is trained in dealing with criminals that are armed with a weapon, such as a gun or a knife.

Gets A Deep Background Check

All security guards have their background checked before they are hired, but armed security guards go through a much more extensive background check. This is because they are handling firearms.

Before the security company hires the security guard they will check past addresses and employment, as well as do a criminal background check to ensure they have no convictions in the past. In many cases, a security company will run a credit check on their employees. This is especially true if you have any type of valuables at the event.

Talk with a security company about this information and they can tell you much more about the services they can offer you. You can also visit websites like http://security-unlimited.com.

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