Protect Your Most Important Corporate Assets: 4 Reasons You Need The Right Security Detail

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When you own a business, you've got to take care of your personnel, especially when it comes to security. You might have security guards patrolling your office, which is a good first step. However, if you don't have executive security, you're missing out on protecting a vital part of your operation. Here are just four of the reasons why you need an executive security force.

Protects Your High-Ranking Officers

If your high-ranking officers — CFO, CEO — travel on business, you should be providing them with the protection they require, especially in this day and age. Overseas travel isn't always safe, especially depending on the destination. Your high-ranking officers may need 24-hour protection while they're traveling. A qualified executive security team will have advanced training in counter-terrorism protection, armed combat, and threat recognition. That means your corporate officers will be able to attend to business knowing that they're protected at all times.

Takes Executive Protection to the Next Level

When corporate executives travel, they need to know that everything will go smoothly. When travel goes smoothly, your executives are able to accomplish more while they're on the road. If their time is spent standing in line at the car rental desk, trying to hail a cab, or riding in a limo with an unfamiliar driver, your executives aren't going to be as productive as they could be. Hiring an executive security team will take that protection to the next level. Your executives won't need to use transportation that hasn't been properly secured. Instead, they'll travel with a security team that has their best interests in mind 24/7.

Proactive is Better Than Reactive

If your current security team is taking a reactive approach, meaning they know what to do after an event occurs, they're not doing the whole job. To protect your executives, you need a security detail that takes a proactive approach, meaning they know how to identify a threat and prevent the encounter. When you invest in an executive security detail, you'll get the proactive response your officers need.

Gives Your Company the Recruitment Edge

If you want to make sure you've got the edge when it comes to recruiting the best talent, you need to offer the best incentives. Executive security is one of those incentives. If you can offer the best security money can buy, you'll get the best candidates for your executive positions. Incoming executives will know that they'll be coming home safe at the end of the day.

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