Focus On Exterior Protection By Hiring A Locksmith To Work On Your Home

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As a homeowner with a family that you always want to protect, you may think about your property's security and what you can do to improve it on occasion. Having a guard dog, burglary safes, and solid core doors with locks for most rooms may lead to confident indoor security. But, you should work on improving the exterior protection of your home by hiring a locksmith.

Entry Doors

The changes or improvements that you can make to entry doors is extensive. First off, you should make sure that you have deadbolt locks on all the doors that lead into your home. If you like the idea of a modern setup, you can switch to an electronic door lock that avoids the use of keys.

The PIN system will prevent you from ever having to give your keys to professionals such as dog walkers, pet sitters, babysitters, or house cleaners. You can create a PIN just for them and either disable it once they have finished their job or let them keep it for routine service.


Although you may not keep expensive items in your shed, this does not mean that you want it to be an easy target for burglars. A locksmith can install a lock system that requires the use of a padlock, or you can get a standard lock and key system for more reliable protection. This will prevent a burglar from being able to cut through the padlock with a grinder or cutter.


While someone may be able to jump over your fence, you should not make it easy for them to get in your home or into your yard. Adding a lock to the gate going into your backyard will add an extra security layer that protects the back door and storage shed. To maximize security, you can add two gate latches in different spots to keep the gate from being opened from outside.


Protecting your mail and packages is also worth considering for exterior improvements. At the bare minimum, you should make sure your mail always goes into a locked box. So, even when you are gone all day and night, no one will have access to the mail unless they have a key.

Improving your home with exterior measures will prevent your interior measures from needing to be utilized. Hiring a locksmith to work on these projects will guarantee proper installation, and they can help you learn how to use all the new locks, especially the electronic ones.

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