Three Reasons Your Business Should Consider Using Vulnerability Software

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In the age of cloud-based technology, so much of a business's programs and files are more vulnerable than ever before. There is no getting around this. As your business grows, so will your vulnerability to attacks. And not just virus attacks, but computer hackers finding and exploiting weaknesses in your system. For this reason, you need to employ the use of risk assessment software. The following are a few things that this type of software can do for your company.

This software will find your computer system's weak points

Most hackers are looking for one or two weaknesses in a system to exploit, but only those they are familiar with. Robust vulnerability software is familiar with all of the most common weaknesses and a few not so common. The software scans your system for these vulnerable parts by testing in a benign way whether they exist. And this software can scan your entire network, including every port to discover any overlooked entry into your system. Reports can then be generated and actions recommended to fix the issue before a hacker finds the problem.

This software will find issues with your employee's devices

There are many devices that are used today to log into a company's system. Vulnerability software can be used to check if any single device in use by your employees is a problem. Sometimes your computer system is not vulnerable, but one or more devices to access the system are. Whether it is a laptop, tablet or smartphone, all of these devices should be checked. Sometimes it may not be a particular type of device, such as a smartphone, but the particular operating system being used on some of these smartphones that are creating vulnerability to your computer system.

This software can find Trojan programs

Finding your system's vulnerability is great, but what if someone has already found a weak port and inserted a Trojan program? This type of program is planted in your system, but unlike a virus, it is not designed to harm your system. They function more like a wiretap on your phone. These programs allow for the transmission of data out of your system in a subtle way that avoids detection. A good vulnerability scanner can find these programs during a scan.

There are many different companies that make this type of software, but you should focus on one of the large, robust packages. There is low-cost software, but they are limited in what they do. You don't want to get a false sense of security because cheap software failed to find an issue. A good enterprise physical security risk assessment software package is an investment.

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