3 Reasons To Get A Fire Detection System Installed In Your Building

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Most businesses have at least some type of security in order to protect the building from theft. But fewer companies have dedicated fire detection and prevention systems like Secutron products. Here are a few reasons why you might want to upgrade your building's security to include a fire detection and alarm system.

Save Money on Building Insurance

If your first thought as a business owner when making any kind of decision is how it will affect your bottom line, you might not want to spring for a fire detection system at first glance because the purchase and installation will obviously cost money. But take a closer look at the insurance policy you carry on your office building. There's a chance your insurance provider may provide a significant discount on the premium if you have certain security systems installed, and these could certainly include a fire detection system. You might actually make all of your money back and then some in the long run thanks to the lower monthly rate.

Peace of Mind When You Are Not There

If you are always present at your business, you will obviously notice if a fire breaks out while you are in the building. But what about when you go home at night? Even something as simple as a cigarette thrown into a trash can could start a fire after everyone has gone home for the night. Having a fire prevention and detection system installed will ensure that the fire department is automatically called as soon as the fire is detected. This will let you rest easy knowing that the building is in good hands even though you've left for the day.

An Early Warning Can Save Lives and Inventory

While some fires become immediately obvious, others take longer to discover. Even if you are in the building most of the day, you might not be aware of an escalating situation until its too late. A fire detection system can give you and your employees a heads up so you can get out safely. In some cases where it's still relatively safe to stay in the building, it might also be possible to save some of your inventory or equipment from the fire before leaving the premises.

If your building does not yet have a fire detection system installed, contact Secutron service, like FAST, today. A fire detection and alarm system can protect lives as well as your bottom line.  

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