Thinking About Hiring A Fire Watch Guard? 4 Duties And Responsibilities You Can Expect From Them

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Professional fire watch guards have become quite popular in the past few years. They guard all types of property, from commercial buildings, hotels, and schools to construction sites. The primary role of the fire watch guard is to protect the premises and workers from possible fire threats. In addition, the guard comes in handy when the fire alarm, the sprinkler system, or other fire-fighting tools aren't functioning as they should. Here are four other duties and responsibilities you can expect from professional fire watch guard services. 

They Offer System Surveillance

The fire watch guard service is supposed to conduct patrol around the building. The guards should look out for any abnormal conditions that increase the risk of a fire breaking out. They create a report on any risks that they identify and create mitigation measures. The continued surveillance is the best way to keep your premises secure from fire damage. 

They Contact Emergency Services

The other role that your fire watch guard will perform is contacting the emergency services. For example, if your building catches fire and guards notice smoke coming from a certain part, they will contact the fire service immediately. They will also communicate with the site management and ensure that the threat is neutralized before it leads to total fire damage. It is great to have them on-site because if one emergency response line is not working, they will think on their feet and find another way out. 

They Perform Emergency Evacuation

One factor that determines how much destruction happens after a fire is the speed and organization of the evacuation process. You can safely and speedily help people leave your building when you have help from competent fire security guards. They will notify and direct everyone to the emergency exits. Their presence also minimizes the possibility of people panicking and worsening the bad situation. 

They Make Fire Fighting Tools Available

The maintenance and care of your fire-fighting equipment should be the responsibility of your fire watch security. They constantly check the condition of your extinguishers, sprinklers, and other systems for effectiveness. They follow the guidelines given by the local fire department to ensure that your building meets the recommended standards. They will help protect your business from heavy fines that come from not following all the recommended fire safety requirements. 

These are some of the duties and responsibilities you can expect from competent fire security services. It is advisable to take time and look for properly trained and experienced guards as they will increase your building's safety against fire and other hazards.  

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