4 Advantages Of Security Guard Patrols

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Today's security environment is tech-driven with CCTV, motion detectors, night vision, digital tripwires, and so on. But gadgets can only go so far. They have limitations in intellect and mobility. Security guard services remain as relevant as before; more so because of the wide range of threats and their sophistication. Security guard patrols play a vital role as the eyes on the ground. Tech should complement but not replace security guards. Mobile patrols work for both residential and commercial security. What advantages do they offer? 

Better Ground Coverage 

A human enjoys better mobility than the security gadgets out there. For example, while drones can do aerial coverage, they do not have the fast flexibility to peek through a door. Security patrols can cover multiple locations more effectively. 

Patrols work even better when backed up by security tech. For example, when a digital tripwire goes off, a security guard can investigate the threat and do an instant evaluation. 

Better Human Judgment 

Security tech is yet to match the human intellect in evaluating security threats. While machines can do millions of computations per second, a human can connect the dots faster. A security guard enjoys the whole spectrum of the audio and visual senses. 

For example, a loud bang at the door followed by lights out could turn out to be a serious team of burglars who can't be handled by the team on-site. The security guard will make the instant decision to call law enforcement. A guard is trained to instantly assess different situations and decide on the best reaction. 

Higher Crime Deterrence 

A team of armed security guard services on patrol presents a formidable hurdle for criminals. Such deterrence works very well for high-security premises and institutions. Unless the criminal is very determined, they will usually go for a softer target.

Visible security also works well to instill confidence in your clients and guests. It is confirmation that there is adequate security. This sense of security is important if you deal in services where people are sensitive about security, e.g., hospitality and banking.

Value-Added Services 

A security guard plays more roles than just security. For example, they can direct guests to wherever they want to go on the premises. They can also help settle unruly situations, for example, fights on the premises. Well-trained security guard services become part of your brand's image. They contribute to the image of a trustworthy and reliable brand. 

Do you need to make your security more robust and responsive? Talk to security guard services to arrange for mobile patrols for your premises.

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