Reasons To Call A Local Bail Bondsman After You Have Been Arrested

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The last thing you may want to do after you have been arrested is to sit behind bars for days or weeks, if not longer. You want to get out and go back home to be with your loved ones again.

However, the cost of your bail might range in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, which you may not be able to afford on your own. Instead of remaining in jail, you may use the option of calling a professional local bail bondsman to post your bond and secure your release.

Variety of Bonds

Depending on your criminal charge, you may be ordered to post one of several types of bonds. The arraignment judge might order you to pay a cash bond, meaning you have to post the bond in cash only. Likewise, you might have to post a secured or surety bond if you are facing a violent criminal charge, such as assault.

When you call a local bail bondsman, you might gain access to the different types of bonds that arraignment judges commonly order for defendants. You can post a surety bond if required. You may also post a federal bond or one that is required to be paid only in cash. The bail bondsman might offer all of the varieties of bonds needed for most defendants to get out of jail.

Immediate Help

Furthermore, a bail bondsman may be able to take your call anytime. They might be on call 24/7 and be able to come to the jailhouse regardless of the time or day of the week. They can also post your bond as long as there is a jail clerk there to take the payment from them.

This immediate response can spare you from having to wait behind bars longer than necessary. You can get back home to your family and wait for your next court appearance without having to stay in jail.

Court Monitoring

Finally, a bail bondsman may be able to satisfy the court's requirement that you be monitored or kept under house arrest while out on bond. They may offer services like ankle monitoring that can prove to the judge that you stayed at home or within the confined area and did not violate the terms of your bond release.

A bail bondsman can provide you with access to different types of bonds. They may also be on call 24/7 and provide services like court monitoring to show you have satisfied the terms of your bond. 

For more information, go to websites explaining bail bondsman services.

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